The National Agricultural Law Center recently published an article that focuses on legal issues associated with prevented planting crop insurance, Prevented Planting Crop Insurance:  Overview, Drought, and Excessive Moisture.  The article is written by Grant Ballard, National Agricultural Law Center Research Consultant and Attorney with the Banks Law Firm, PLLC.

The article is the latest publication in a series of articles authored by Mr. Ballard.  Other articles in the series include Filing a Crop Insurance Claim:  An Overview for Producers and The Federal Crop Insurance Program:  Adminstration, Structure, and Operation.  In addition, the Center recently hosted a webinar titled Crop Insurance and Southern Agriculture:  What You Need to Know, which has been uploaded to the Center’s website and is available free of charge.

The publication series and webinar are provided with support from the Banks Law Firm, PLLC that is designed to establish a legal education series and help publicize the 25th Anniversary of the National Agricultural Law Center, the nation’s leading source of agricultural and food law research and information.  Through its research and information mission, the Center coordinates with the USDA National Agricultural Library in its mission of “advancing access to global information for agriculture.”

This article posted on July 2, 2012.