Every Third Wednesday” is an ongoing series of agricultural and food law webinars.

Learn more about the laws regulating industrial hemp production.

Resources & references for learning about legal issues associated with agritourism operations

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AG & FOOD LAW UPDATE: MAY 17th, 2019

REGULATORY: Notice: Forest Service, USDA; The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service is giving notice of its intent to close the Mark Twain…

AG & FOOD LAW UPDATE: MAY 16th, 2019

JUDICIAL: James Clinton COYLE, Janice Presley Coyle a/k/a Janice Presley, & Cody Presley, Appellants v. COYLE FAMILY FARM, INC., Coyle Farms…

AG & FOOD LAW UPDATE: MAY 15th, 2019

JUDICIAL: CLAIMANT: Gene J. Klamert OBJECTORS: Daniel W. Iverson; United States of Am. (Bureau of Land Mgmt.) COUNTEROBJECTOR: Ned A. Tranel…