The National Agricultural Law Center, along with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service and the LSU AgCenter are hosting a series of three workshops dealing with legal, marketing, and business issues that affect forest landowners. Topics discussed at the conference will include wildlife management, insurance, leasing contracts, landowner liability, and agritourism.
The third and final workshop will be held in Monticello, Arkansas on April 13 at the Drew County Farm Bureau Building (656 Barkada Road). The April 13 workshop qualifies for Continuing Education for Foresters and Loggers.
Workshop presenters will include:
• Dr. Tamara Walkingstick, Arkansas Forest Resources Center Associate Center Director;
• Dr. Becky McPeake, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service;
• Dora Ann Hatch, State-wide Coordinator for Agritourism, LSU AgCenter;
• Rusty Rumley, Staff Attorney, National Agricultural Law Center; and
• Elizabeth Rumley, Staff Attorney, National Agricultural Law Center.
The workshops will be held from 9am – 4pm, with registration beginning at 8:30am. A registration fee of $20 per person/ $30 per couple will cover lunch. Payment is not due until the morning of the workshop.
For more information on any aspect of the conference or to pre-register, contact Rusty Rumley at (479) 575-2636, or via email at
The workshops are conducted pursuant to a grant titled, “Managing Legal Risk for Alternative Uses of Forestland”, awarded through the Southern Risk Management Education Center.