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Final rule revising the number of monthly reporting requirements and revises the requirements for inter-handler transfers prescribed under the Federal marketing order regulating the handling of pecans. Info here.


Notification supplements the prior notification issued in the Federal Register on March 31, 2020, by including additional servicing flexibilities regarding the guaranteed loan requirements as they relate to the new loans that are covered by Section 1102 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Info here.


Final rule to implement the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, providing for streamlining the Agency’s procedures for evaluating applications to locate or modify communications facilities on National Forest System lands. Info here.


LEGISLATIVE: Includes Virginia


SB 478 designates a 66.8-mile segment of the Clinch River as part of the Clinch State Scenic River, a component of the Virginia Scenic Rivers System. Info here.

SB 673 prohibits any person from constructing a well in a groundwater management area for nonagricultural irrigation purposes except in the surficial aquifer. Info here.

HB 882 directs the State Water Control Board to adopt regulations providing for the use of a proprietary best management practice for stormwater management only if another state, regional, or national certification program has verified and certified its nutrient or sediment removal effectiveness. Info here.

HB 942 directs the Virginia Board of Agriculture and Consumer Services to conform its regulations to any regulations adopted by the United States Department of Agriculture that would materially expand opportunities for growing, producing, or dealing industrial hemp. Info here.

HB 1430 creates in the state treasury a special fund known as the Virginia Industrial Hemp Fund; and approves industrial hemp extract as a food. Info here.

HB 1458 authorizes the State Water Control Board to administratively withdraw a water protection permit application if certain conditions are met. Info here.

HB 1639 directs the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to research the practice of allowing rural landowners to use their lands as disposal sites for construction fill and debris. Info here.