Posted September 16, 2013
Michigan State Representative, Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor), has introduced legislation that would allow all Michigan residents to be notified when pesticides have been applied near their properties, according to WEMU article, available here.
Irwin introduced House Bill 4841 on June 13.  The bill would allow all Michigan residents to add their names to the state’s pesticide notification registry.  Currently, residents “with a medically verified condition can register to be notified about pesticides that are due to be applied on properties adjacent to their residences.”  The text of the bill is available here.
According to an Ann Arbor News article available here, Irwin said, “People deserve to know what they are being exposed to, especially when it comes to protecting their health and the health of the children.”  “My bill provides Michigan residents the right to know when their household may be exposed to harmful chemicals applied near their property.  By providing an opt-in, people are given the freedom to make informed decisions about their health,” Irwin said.


Alexis Blizman, policy director at the Ann Arbor-based Ecology Center, applauded the bill and said, “The passage of this bill will afford Michigan families and individuals the opportunity to prepare for adjacent pesticide sprays by closing windows, covering sandboxes, bringing pets inside, and even leaving the property.”