As October ends, staff at the National Agricultural Law Center continue to bring trusted research and information in agricultural and food law to stakeholders across the country. Outlined below are many of the new NALC resources from the month of October.


Foreign Ownership of Ag Land: Legal Background and Update: Ownership of U.S. land, specifically agricultural lands, by foreign persons or entities has been an issue dating back to the origins of the United States. This webinar explored the past, present, and future of federal and state laws as well as legislative proposals relating to foreign ownership of agricultural land. Specifically, the webinar addressed federal and state reporting statutes as well as existing and proposed federal state laws that seek to restrict or prohibit foreign ownership and/or other legal interests in farmland. The webinar also addressed noteworthy judicial developments in this area, as well as a review of the level of foreign ownership/legal interests in agricultural land. National Agricultural Law Center Director Harrison Pittman was the speaker for this webinar.

View a recording of this webinar here.

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  • Elizabeth Rumley, Senior Staff Attorney
    • October 12 – Spoke for Louisiana State University about agritourisim and animal welfare
    • October 26 Joined Tiffany Lashmet for the Ag Law Today Podcast
  • Rusty Rumley, Senior Staff Attorney
    • October 5 – Attended the SCALE-UP conference on cybersecurity; hosted by the Office of U.S. Congressman Rick Crawford (AR-1)
    • October 12 – Presented on Heir Property for the National Agricultural Library
    • October 12 – Spoke for Annie’s Project at Louisiana State University on Estate Planning