Posted September 12, 2013
The National Farmers Union (NFU) recently concluded its Fall Legislative Fly-In, where the Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution supporting the passage of a five-year farm bill, country of origin labeling (COOL) regulations, and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), according to a KTIC Radio article available here.
The resolution states “our interests are at risk yet again because the farm bill expires September 30th…Now the House must move swiftly to appoint conferees and begin the formal conference process with the Senate.”  NFU president Roger Johnson said that the “NFU Board is once against sending a clear message to Congress that it’s time to complete the 2013 Farm Bill.”  Johnson also said that family farmers and ranchers “will not settle for an extension of the current law.”
The resolution also calls on Congress and the administration to protect existing COOL regulations and the RFS, according an article by The Poultry Site, available here.   Johnson said, “In addition to the work that needs to be done on the farm bill, reauthorizing the RFS needs to be made a priority in Congress…The RFS is a crucial tool in reducing our reliance on foreign oil, and provides America’s farmers and rural communities with new economic opportunities.”
For more information on farm bills, please visit the National Agricultural Law Center’s website, hereFarmpolicy.comis another excellent resource for daily updates on the farm bill.  For information on a lawsuit involving the COOL regulations, a recent post from this blog is available here.  For recent information on the RFS, posts from this blog are available hereand here.