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LEGISLATIVE: Includes Maine


LD 1844 amends provisions in the laws governing aquaculture leases; clarifies the meaning of “suspended culture.” Info here.

LEGISLATIVE: Includes Alabama


SB 317 expands agriculture authority for the board of directors to construct buildings, structures, facilities, and other improvements that are appropriate or useful or expedient to the authority’s purpose and also allows the board to invest funds to accomplish any purpose for which an agricultural authority is organized. Info here.

LEGISLATIVE: Includes Virginia


SB 678 amends the definition of “agricultural operation” for purposes of the Right to Farm Act to include the housing of livestock. Info here.

LEGISLATIVE: Includes Mississippi


SB 2077 creates the “Mississippi Healthy Food and Families Program” which requires the state’s Department of Agriculture and Commerce, subject to appropriation, to fund qualified state nonprofits to distribute funds to Mississippi farmers markets and retailers for the purpose of providing matching dollar incentives for supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits spent on eligible fruits and vegetables at farmers markets and retailers. Info here.