January Round-Up

As January ends, researchers at the National Agricultural Law Center continue to bring trusted research and information in agricultural and food law to stakeholders across the country. Outlined below are all the new NALC resources from the month of January.


Looking Ahead: Impact of the 2020 Elections on Ag Law and Policy: This webinar, hosted January 13, analyzed agricultural policy and lawmaking in light of the 2020 election results. Issues covered included updates and prognostications on key appointments at USDA and Congressional committees, as well as implications for the next Farm Bill, international trade, the federal and state regulatory environment, and more. In this webinar, Hunt Shipman, Principal and Director, Cornerstone Government Affairs discussed his perspective on the impact of the 2020 Elections on Ag law and policy. Find a recording of this webinar here.

Blog Posts


  • Senior staff Attorney Rusty Rumley presented to 16 attendees of the Planning your Farm Apprenticeship class about business organizations on 01/21/2021.
  • Senior Staff Attorney Rusty Rumley presented to 45 attendees of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff about industrial hemp on 01/22/2021.