October Roundup

As October has ended, the staff at the National Agricultural Law Center continue to bring trusted research and information in agricultural and food law to stakeholders across the country. Outlined below are many of the new NALC resources from October 2023.


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NALC Outreach

  • Harrison Pittman, NALC Director
    • October 3 – spoke on the latest developments regarding foreign ownership of agricultural land at the 2023 Fall Harvest Conference on Emerging Trends and Opportunities in the Agriculture and Food Industries in Indianapolis, IN.
  • Elizabeth Rumley, Senior Staff Attorney
    • October 31 – spoke at Dr. Looper’s Animal Science class in the Bumpers College at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR, on standards of identity.
  • Rusty Rumley, Senior Staff Attorney
    • October 17-18 – spoke at Armed to Farm event in Hudson Valley, NY on landowner liability.
    • October 27 – spoke at Kansas Farm Bureau symposium in Manhattan, KS on carbon leasing.
    • October 30 – spoke at University of Arkansas-Cossatot Community College in Ashdown, AR on estate planning.

NALC Media Mentions

Work from our NALC Partners

Ohio State University Agricultural & Resource Law Program


Blog Posts


  • October 17 – Ag Lender Update – Ottawa, OH, 70 participants
  • October 18 – Ag Lender Update – Wooster, OH, 40 participants
  • October 18 – Drainage issues – online, Butler Co. SWCD, 20 participants