Posted December 16, 2014
Vernon Hershberger, Sauk County dairy farmer, will not appear in front of Wisconsin Supreme Court for his 2013 conviction for selling raw milk, according to a Wisconsin Ag Connection article available here. Wisconsin Radio Network also published an article hereand NBC TMJ4 here.
After a raid on his property in 2010, Hershberger was found guilty of violating a state hold order placed on his milk products.
He asked the court to review his case arguing that he “operates a private buying club that’s not subject to the same rules as a farmer,” according to TMJ4.
Hershberger also argued that he was not allowed to present evidence for his case and an unedited copy of the holding order was kept out of evidence, according to Wisconsin Radio Network.
The Justices did not give a reason as to why they rejected the appeal.
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