Posted December 4, 2013
Raw milk produced in South Dakota will be regulated under new rules beginning December 11, 2013, according to a Food Safety News article available here.
South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch approved the rules, the changes were passed by the South Dakota Legislature’s Rules Review Committee, and three public hearings were held on the rules.
Lentsch said that “at a bare minimum” the public needs to know the date the milk was bottled and know that raw milk is not pasteurized. 
The new rules set a maximum coliform level of 10 per milliliter for raw milk.   Some say the standard is impossible and will put raw milk dairies out of business.  Department officials say the rules are necessary to ensure the safety of raw milk sold in the state, according to an article by KELO Land available here.


For more information on food labeling, please visit the National Agricultural Law Center’s website here.