Posted November 13, 2013
A direct marketing guide for South Carolina is now available through the National Agricultural Law Center here.  State-specific direct marketing guides for several states are also available here.
Local food is a growing area of interest.  Consumers seek out local producers for many reasons including supporting local communities and stewardship of the land, learning more about where their food comes from, and making connections with the people who grow their food. 
Running a successful direct farm business, however, can be difficult due to complex laws and regulations.  These direct marketing guides intend to bring clarity to some of the rules and provide guidance on where and how to get the correct information.


After an overview of the federal and state regulatory system, the guides discuss issues important to farming operations including the structure of an agricultural business, marketing plans for the business, taxation concerns and labor and employment issues.  Then, they discuss the regulation of certain specific products including dairy, eggs, fish and other aquatics, produce, grains and cereals, honey and maple syrup, meat and poultry and organic marketing.  The guides also contain an extensive glossary of terms relevant to legal and production concerns.
For more information on local food systems, please visit the National Agricultural Law Center’s website here.