Posted November 5, 2013
Ranchers in Florida hope to add beef to the “Fresh From Florida” marketing campaign offered by the state’s agriculture department, according to an article by the associated press, available here.
The “Fresh From Florida” marketing campaign encourages people to buy items that are grown and raised in the state.  Alligator, tomatoes, and oranges are on the list, but beef is not.  There are nearly 1 million head of cattle in Florida.  Most calves are born in state, but are finished and processed in states like Texas or Oklahoma.
Before giving beef the “Fresh From Florida” designation, however, state officials must decide what qualifies as Florida beef. 
Another hurdle for the state’s ranchers is that there is only one large slaughterhouse in Florida that can handle 150 head a week.  A second slaughterhouse will open in Gainesville soon.
“Adding value to Florida beef through the Fresh From Florida brand is something we are excited about,” said Adam Putnam, state agricultural commissioner and a fifth generation Floridian from a cattle ranching family.


For more information on local food systems, please visit the National Agricultural Law Center’s website here.