Freshman members in the House Agriculture Committee as well as the full House may be “unaware of the history of farm programs’ mishaps and missed opportunities,” but Farm Futures reports, “House Agriculture Committee ranking member Collin Peterson made sure to insert history lessons throughout” the marking up of the committee’s farm bill.
The report continues that, “in his words, he would ‘throw into a room’ those who needed to find a solution to the tough issues.”

“Now many of those same agreements carefully crafted in the 2008 Farm Bill were challenged in the House Ag Committee’s debate.”

During the committee’s debate, a total of 109 amendments were filed, 97 were considered (the others being withdrawn) and a total of 44 were adopted. Click here to view a full list of approved amendments.

To read the full Farm Futures report, click here.

This article posted July 18, 2012.