October 11, 2013
Natural foods manufacturer, NOW Foods, has committed to make its entire food line non-genetically modified (GMO) by the end of 2013, according to an article by Food-Navigator, available here.
NOW Foods, a company based in Bloomington, IL, currently has about 50 items that are non-GMO.  David Rosenberg, Food Category Manager for the company, said, “Our entire food line of 170+ products will be non-GMO by the end of the year although certification will be longer.”  The company makes products including NOW Foods BetterStevia, NOW Real Food, NOW Real Tea, and Living NOW. 
The company will have its products independently verified through the Non-GMO Project, which was launched in 2010 and verifies products to carry a non-GMO label. 


The Non-GMO Project is at the forefront of the effort to make GMO labeling mandatory.  US retail sales of Non-GMO foods and beverages are “predicted to represent 30% of the market with a value of $264 [billion] in 2017, according to Packaged Facts.”  Verified products sales carrying the non-GMO label exceeded $3.5 billion and the Non-GMO Project has seen an increase in it verification enrollment numbers.  

For more information on food labeling, please visit the National Agriculture Law Center’s website, here.