Recently, McCarron & Diess has published the PACA Web Guide to assist produce professionals with issues arising under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA). The Guide is especially valuable to the public because it has been written in non-legal language and addresses all aspects of PACA.

The new website features information on how the PACA law works including the PACA trust payments, licensing, dispute resolution, definitions, and conduct that is prohibited for being unfair. The web guide also contains practical information such as how to avoid contractual issues and what to do when a company has been charged with a PACA violation.

McCarron & Diess is a law firm out of Washington D.C. that has been committed solely to produce law and representing produce companies under the PACA since 1980. The firm represents produce companies in PACA trust cases, reparation cases, disciplinary cases, appeals, misbranding, bonding, licensing, audits, responsibly connected cases and international transactions. In addition to litigation, McCarron and Diess provides consultation on legal and business matters, mediation, arbitration, and PACA education seminars.

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