Posted September 27, 2013
The legal challenges in local food systems will be prominently featured at the upcoming 34th Annual Conference of the American Agricultural Law Association, the nation’s only professional organization serving the legal needs of agriculture.  This year’s conference will be held in Madison, Wisconsin from October 31 through November 2, and will cover a diverse range of agricultural and food law topics.  One of these topics will be a panel, Local Food Systems. 
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The Local Food Systems panel will be moderated by A. Bryan Endres, Associate Professor of Agricultural Law at the University of Illinois.  The panel will include the following presentations and speakers:
“Community Supported Agriculture and Community Labor: Preserving the Ability of Volunteer and Employer to Unite for Change” Rachel Armstrong, Farm Commons
“Wisconsin Support for Local Foods” Teresa Engel, Wisconsin Dept. of Ag., Trade and Consumer Protection
“The New Food Movement” Laurie Beyranevand, Vermont Law School
“Land Access and Use Issues for Local Farmers” Ed Cox, Ag. Law Center, Drake U.
“Common Legal Issues in Direct Marketing” Rusty Rumley, U. of Arkansas, National Ag. Law Center
The AALA welcomes attorneys, students, and other professionals interested in agricultural and food law.  This year’s conference will also include updates on environmental law, food law, estate planning and tax issues, the farm bill, food safety and technology, civil rights, and many others.
This three-day event is recognized as one of the best opportunities for relevant agricultural law continuing education.  The AALA’s symposia have featured presentations by national and international experts providing extensive and relevant information on agricultural and food law.  Attendees include national academic, governmental, corporate, and private practitioner experts in many areas of agricultural law.  For registration, or to learn more about the AALA, visit the AALA website here.


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