Posted January 15, 2014
A New Mexico judge will decide on Friday whether a company can open a horse slaughter facility in the state, according to an article by Barry Massey of the Associated Press available here
State District Judge, Matthew Wilson recently announced that he will issue a written decision on Attorney General Gary King’s request for a preliminary injunction against Valley Meat Co. on Friday.  King requested the injunction, arguing that the company would violate state environmental and food safety laws if it were to begin operations.
Even if the judge lifts the temporary injunction, the facility would need a permit from state regulators to discharge waste into tanks and lagoons on the company’s property.  The permit is pending before the secretary of the state Environment Department.
Blair Dunn, attorney for Valley Meat, said that the injunction should not be granted.  “This threat of imminent harm is just not there,” said Dunn.
The owners of Valley Meat plan to sue State Attorney General Gary King for slander over his efforts to block the plant from opening, according to an article by AgWeek available here.
Last month, King requested and secured a temporary restraining order against Valley Meat, which planned to begin processing horse meat on Jan. 1.  The lawsuit will claim slander, harassment, and malicious abuse of process, according to the letter of intent.
A spokesman for the attorney general “dismissed the lawsuit as frivolous and insisted it would not sway his boss from fighting to keep the facility from opening.”


For more information on this case, a recent post from this blog is available here.  For more information on animal welfare, please visit the National Agricultural Law Center’s website here.