A recent article from CBS News reports that Bisphenol-A — BPA — may be on its way out of the food supply. The Food and Drug Administration is set to issue a ruling by March 31, 2012 on the use of BPA in food and beverage packaging. BPA is at issue largely as a result of a lawsuit and petition filed in 2008 by the National Research Defense Council.

According to the article, a researchers from the Breast Cancer Fund reported that many kid-friendly canned foods contained BPA, which, “mimics estrogen and has been linked in studies to increased breast cancer risk.” The article further reported that other studies have also linked BPA to anxiety, hyperactivity, and individuals with heart disease. France has already moved to ban BPA in all food packaging and Canada has declared BPA a toxin, both of which implicate food trade issues associated with U.S. exports.

Anthony Sanzio, spokesperson for Campbell’s Soup is quoted in the article as stating that, “The overwhelming weight of scientific evidence shows that the use of BPA in can lining poses no threat to human health. That being said, we understand that consumers may have concerns about it. We’re very aware of the debate and we’re watching it intently.”Campbell’s Soup has recently announced that they would be moving towards BPA free cans.

For the full article, click here. For more information from the FDA on BPA, click here.