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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Notice that APHIS has extended its determination of nonregulated status of J.R. Simplot Company’s W8 potato to event Z6 potato. Info here.

Environmental Protection Agency

Final rule establishing time-limited tolerances for residues of the insecticide flupyradifurone including its degradates and metabolites in or on sugarcane, cane and sugarcane, molasses. Info here.

Fish and Wildlife Service

Final rule determining endangered species status under the Endangered Species Act, for the Yangtze sturgeon. Info here.

Final rule proposing to remove the dwarf-flowered heartleaf, a plant endemic to the upper Piedmont region of western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina, from the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Plants. Info here.

Notice that the public comment periods are reopening on two proposed rules to allow all interested parties additional time to comment, and to conduct a public hearing. The two relevant proposed rules are the September 30, 2020, proposed rule to reclassify the endangered Virgin Islands tree boa as a threatened species, and the October 21, 2020, proposed rule to reclassify the endangered plant Eugenia woodburyana as a threatened species. Info here.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Temporary rule implementing measures for the Northeast multispecies fishery for the 2021 fishing year. Info here.

Proposed rule to add Maine to the list of states for which NMFS has determined that Federal Atlantic tunas regulations are applicable within state waters. Info here.