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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Notice announcing the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s intention to request approval of a new information collection associated with the National Animal Health Monitoring System’s On-Farm Monitoring of Antimicrobial Use and Resistance in U.S. Broiler Production Study. Info here.

Department of Agriculture

Notice that USDA is being asked to seek public input regarding the department’s climate strategy. Part II Section 216(b) of this Executive Order directs the Secretary of Agriculture to, “collect input from Tribes, farmers, ranchers, forest owners, conservation groups, firefighters, and other stakeholders on how to best use Department of Agriculture programs, funding and financing capacities, and other authorities, and how to encourage the voluntary adoption of climate-smart agricultural and forestry practices that decrease wildfire risk fueled by climate change and result in additional, measurable, and verifiable carbon reductions and sequestration and that source sustainable bioproducts and fuels. Info here.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Final rule containing corrections to the final rule for the 2021-2022 Biennial Harvest Specifications and Management Measures for groundfish harvested in the U.S. exclusive economic zone off the coasts of Washington, Oregon, and California published on December 11, 2020. Info here.

Notice announceing that the Pacific Fishery Management Council has submitted Amendment 18 to the Coastal Pelagic Species Fishery Management Plan for review by the Secretary of Commerce. Amendment 18 would implement a rebuilding plan for the northern subpopulation of Pacific sardine, which NMFS declared overfished in June 2019. Info here.

LEGISLATIVE: Includes Virginia


SB 1162 creates an enhanced individual and corporate income tax credit for the taxable years 2021 through 2024 for the implementation of certain agricultural best management practices by the taxpayer that are required as part of a certified resource management plan. Info here.