As the month of September comes to a close, the National Agricultural Law Center continues to fulfill its mission of being the nation’s leading source for agricultural and food law research and information.  Below, we’ve highlighted some of the things that have taken place this month.

Creating a Business Organization: This month, we published a publication providing a state-by-state listing of links to information necessary to file and/or create a business organization, along with the forms necessary to do so. The publication can be accessed here:

Industrial Hemp: On September 18th, the NALC hosted a webinar where Senior Staff Attorney Rusty Rumley outlined the current regulatory landscape for industrial hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill, as well as covered the many issues going forward such as THC testing, crop insurance and the legal status of CBD. The webinar gathered a live audience of over 100 people, and the recording has been viewed almost 100 more.  The recording can be viewed here.

Endangered Species Act: Staff Attorney Brigit Rollins, along with other NALC researchers, created a reading room dedicated to the Endangered Species Act. This reading room is a compilation of all documents and resources regarding ESA such as major statutes, regulations and NALC publications. Find the reading room here.

Blog posts:


  • Center Director Harrison Pittman attended the annual meeting of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture in New Mexico.
  • Senior Staff Attorney Rusty Rumley presented at an “Armed to *Urban* Farm” conference in Ohio. Hosted by NCAT exclusively for veterans interested in agriculture, the conference was a week-long, intensive training on the basics of running an urban farm business.  Rusty spoke for two of those hours on business entities, zoning and landowner liability.
  • Harrison met with one of our western partners, the Western Resources Legal Center, in Portland Oregon.