Special Issue on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, 10 ABA AGRIC. MGMT. NEWSLETTER 1-34 9-2005

Noble, Update on Confined Animal Feeding Operations and Federal Air Emission Regulation, 12-16; Janzen, Decision in Waterkeeper May Have Significant Impact on Farmers, 16-18; San Martin, CAFO Regulations in Flux: Kansas Regulations are No Exception, 18-20; Aiken, The Nebraska Hog Wars, 21-25; Janzen, CFOs, AFOs, CAFOs and NPDES: Navigating the Waters of Indiana’s Animal Feeding Regulations, 26-28; Redick, State Environmental Management Initiatives for CAFOs, 28-30; Dougal, Update on CAFO Permitting and Litigation in Texas, 32-34.

Categories: Bibliography, Environmental Issues