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Final rule determining endangered species status under the Endangered Species Act, as amended, for the Southern Sierra Nevada Distinct Population Segment of fisher (Pekania pennanti) in California. Info here.


Final rule approves revised 2020 and projected 2021 specifications for the scup and black sea bass fisheries to better achieve optimum yield within the fishery while controlling overfishing, consistent with recent stock assessment updates and the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. Info here.


LEGISLATIVE: Includes Maryland, Louisiana


HB 90 – Allows St. Mary’s County to enter into certain installment purchase agreements and create debt to acquire certain development rights for agricultural or forestry land as part of the County Agricultural Land Preservation Program. Info here.

SB 92 – Authorizes the Secretary of Agriculture to enter into an agreement with a county or other subdivision of the State to conduct surveys and perform other work related to noxious weeds or other plant species within the county or subdivision of the State. Info here.

HB 161 – Requires each place of business at which a person is employed to apply fertilizer to certain property used for nonagricultural purposes to have a certain certified professional fertilizer applicator on staff and be licensed annually by the Department of Agriculture. Info here.

SB 244 – Authorizes the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation to use a fair market value determined in accordance with certain provisions of law for up to a certain number of years after the date on which the Foundation was first requested in writing to purchase the easement. Info here.

SB 802 – Exempts from the property tax property that is owned by the Maryland Farm Bureau, Inc., and used exclusively for certain purposes. Info here.

HB 848 – Montgomery County Council may impose a tax on the transfer of agricultural land. Info here.


SCR 56 – Request the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to cooperate in developing projects and programs to rehabilitate the productivity of the oyster resource, promote the viability of the oyster industry in Louisiana. Info here.