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Final specifications for the 2020 Atlantic deep-sea red crab fishery, including an annual catch limit and total allowable landings limit and are clarifying the specifications process. Info here.

Final rule revises the commercial trip limit in the Gulf of Mexico exclusive economic zone for greater amberjack and revises the boundaries of several Gulf reef fish management areas to reflect a change in the seaward boundary of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Info here.

Proposed rule implements a “fish up” provision in the halibut and sablefish Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) Program to allow Community Quota Entities located in regulatory Area 3A (Southcentral Alaska) holding category D halibut quota share to have the associated IFQ harvested on category C vessels beginning August 15 of each IFQ fishing season. Info here.


LEGISLATIVE: Includes Virginia, West Virginia


SB 94 relates to the Commonwealth Energy Policy by adopting findings that climate change is an urgent and pressing challenge for Virginia, and that a transition to clean energy is a requirement to meet the urgency of the challenge. Info here.

HB 542 directs the State Water Control Board to estimate the risk that each locality and region in the Commonwealth will experience water supply shortfalls. Info here.

SB 704 relates to the Chesapeake Bay watershed implementation plan initiatives, and contains provisions on nutrient management plans and stream exclusion. Info here.

SB 794 relates to utility easements and the location of broadband facilities. Info here.

HB 1184 promotes the establishment of distributed renewable solar and other renewable energy. Info here.

HB 1205 requires the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to give certain information about unlawful discharge of deleterious substances into states waters to the Virginia Department of Health. Info here.

HB 1609 relates to nutrient and sediment credit generation and transfers, and limits certain transfers to the private sector. Info here.


SB 551 relates to the Water and Wastewater Investment and Infrastructure Improvement Act. Info here.

SB 583 creates a program to further the development of renewable energy resources and renewable energy facilities by modifying the powers and duties of the Public Service Commission. Info here.