Extreme drought conditions in Southern Illinois have resulted in an escalated number of recently filed insurance claims.

Farm Week Now reports that an “estimated 30-40 crop insurance claims were filed last week with Country Financial.” According to the article, company spokesman Chris Anderson anticipates the number of claims will escalate in coming weeks.

“If there’s no rain by mid-July, then it will be clear there will be nothing, or very, very low yields,” said Anderson, who believes this week could be pivotal for crop insurance claims due to extreme heat and no rain in the forecast.

According to the article, a crop adjuster will visit each drought-damaged field to appraise the acreage and explain the options once a claim is filed. “Anderson encouraged farmers who decide to destroy cornfields to contact their adjuster for instructions on leaving test strips so the crop damage can be assessed through the reproductive stage. The adjuster must inspect the crop prior to its destruction.”

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This article posted July 8, 2012.