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Fish and Wildlife Service

Final rule listing the Carolina madtom (Noturus furiosus) as endangered, and the Neuse River waterdog (Necturus lewisi) as threatened, under the Endangered Species Act. Info here.

Notice that FSW is proposing to authorize nonlethal, incidental take by harassment of small numbers of the Southeast Alaska stock of northern sea otters between July 1, 2021, and August 31, 2021. Info here.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Proposed rule to require the use of electronic logbooks in Hawaii pelagic longline fisheries and on Class C and D vessels in the American Samoa pelagic longline fishery. Info here.

Final rule announcing routine inseason adjustments to the harvest limits for incidental lingcod retention in the salmon troll fishery north of 40°10′ N lat. Info here.


LEGISLATIVE: Includes Oregon


HB 2031 adds violations of federal law to reasons for which State Department of Agriculture may revoke, suspend or refuse to issue pesticide license or certificate. Info here.