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Environmental Protection Agency

Final rule establishing tolerances for residues of fluxapyroxad in or on the cottonseed subgroup 20C, the fruiting vegetable group 8-10, the pome fruit group 11-10, and pomegranate. Info here.

Fish and Wildlife Service

Proposed rule to designate critical habitat for the pearl darter (Percina aurora) under the Endangered Species Act. Info here.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Notice announcing that the Commonwealth of Virginia is transferring a portion of its 2021 commercial bluefish quota to the State of New York. Info here.

Temporary rule adjusting the Atlantic bluefin tuna General category daily retention limit from three large medium or giant BFT to one large medium or giant BFT for the remainder of the June through August 2021 subquota period. Info here.


LEGISLATIVE: Includes Connecticut


SB 6385 increases fines for violating certain farm product grading and marketing requirements, and provides the state’s Commission of Agriculture with infraction authority for the violation of statutes under the Commissioner’s authority. Info here.