A National AgLaw Center Research Publication

Equine Activity Statutes

Compiled by:
Brigit Rollins
Research Fellow
Elizabeth Rumley
Senior Staff Attorney
National Agricultural Law Center

The vast majority of the states in the United States have enacted statutes that limit liability for some form of “equine activity.” From rodeo to trail rides to pony rides, activities involving equines are a popular event.  An equine activity statute is a law designed to limit liability for injuries and deaths connected with horse-related activities. The main component of these statutes is that an equine sponsor or professional is a limitation on liability for injuries resulting from an “inherent risk of equine activities.”  Familiarity with these statutes is essential to anyone who engages in equine activities. This compilation provides the statutory text of each of the states’ equine activity statute. It is important to note that there are other statutes that impact equine activity operators in each state; however, the statutes included below are the statutes that specifically mention and directly address equine activity.  The primary aim of this compilation is to provide the researcher with easy and free access to a state’s statutory language by simply clicking on the state’s image in the map below.

This compilation is based upon work supported by the National Agricultural Library, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture.