Outreach and Education


Members of the center staff are frequent  speakers to groups of producers, Extension personnel, lawyers and state and federal policy-makers nationwide. This  page highlights recent and upcoming events where the National Agricultural Law Center plays a role. Please click on the links below to see materials and events by topic.


Fourth Annual Mid-South Agricultural and Environmental Law Conference (2017)

Third Annual Mid-South Agricultural and Environmental Law Conference (2016)

An Overview of Agricultural Biotechnology in the United States: Presentation by Dr. Mike Firko (USDA/APHIS)

Second Annual Mid-South Agricultural and Environmental Law Conference (2015)

University of Arkansas Food Innovation Center: Plan, Produce and Profit Workshop Series

First Annual Mid-South Agricultural and Environmental Law Conference (2014)

Webinar: Farm & Ranch Leases: Overview and Practical Negotiation Pointers

Webinar: COOL or Not-So-COOL? An Overview and Discussion of Country of Origin Labeling

Webinar: Enforcing Animal Welfare Statutes: Whose Job is it, Anyway?

AFRI – Legal Direct Marketing Guides

Southeast Asian Farmers Education (SAFE) Grant

Assessing and Addressing Legal Risk and Opportunities for the Arkansas Edamame Industry

A Series on Legal Issues for Southern Agricultural Producers (provided with support from Banks Law Firm, PLLC):

Producer Workshop Schedule

Webinar: The 2012 Drought: Agricultural Law Information & Resources

The Clean Water Act, EPA Regulation, and the Future of Farming

Webinar: Crop Insurance and Southern Agriculture: What You Need To Know

Webinar/CLE: Legal Issues in Animal Agriculture: Regulating  Living Space

Managing Legal Risk for Livestock and Dairy Producers in Ohio

Managing Legal Risk for Alternative Uses of Forestland

Wind Leasing: Understanding and Limiting Legal Liability

Legal and Business Issues for Specialty Crop Producers

Native American Agricultural and Food Law

Using Alternative Enterprises and Recreational Development  to Bolster Farm Incomes

GIPSA Workshop Material (Discussing the proposed rule-  October/November 2010)