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Drew L. Kershen

Earl Sneed Centennial Professor of Law (Emeritus)

University of Oklahoma College of Law



Content and Sources 

This bibliography, updated quarterly, is organized through the use of forty-eight (48) legal subject categories. The entries in the bibliography derive primarily from law journals, law reviews, and legal periodicals that publish articles, comments, notes, and developments that comprise the body of published research in agricultural and food law.

By choosing the “Browse Categories” option on the left, readers may see the full list of legal subject categories and sub-categories, while the “Search” feature, also on the left, allows readers to search by key words or phrases.

The National Agricultural Law Center has embarked on a project to digitize the entries contained in the bibliography to enhance the value of the bibliography by providing users free access to all articles through the Center’s web site.  This initiative seeks to digitize as many articles as possible without regard to publication date and to provide both a historical and more current perspective of agricultural and food law literature.  In cooperation with the publishers, articles will not be linked from the bibliography until a period of two years has elapsed from the date of original publication.  Digitization of any article does not imply and is not intended to imply that its content is accurate or current with applicable laws.

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Lisa Bowles, Circulation Librarian, University of Oklahoma, College of Law Library, for correcting the bibliographic entries and locating many additional entries.  Her work was essential to making this bibliography as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

The National Agricultural Law Center for encouraging the improvement and expansion of this bibliography.

Of course, all categorizations and choices for entries were mine – for better or for worse.  The hope is that this bibliography makes easily accessible the vast literature in agricultural and food law to all members of the agricultural and food law communities.


With best regards from the compiler,

Drew L. Kershen

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The former version of this bibliography appeared on the website of the American Agricultural Law Association (AALA).  Founded in 1980 by agricultural law experts throughout the United States, the AALA is a national professional organization focusing on the legal issues affecting agriculture.  It provides a network through which those with an interest in agricultural law (practitioners, educators, government attorneys, policy makers, and those in the industry) can share information and ideas.