Energy Issues

Note, We’re All in this Together: A Fair Share Approach to Renewable Energy, 32 J. LAND USE AND ENVTL. L. 193-229 (2016).  View/Download

Comment, Supply and Demand, One and the Same since When?: The EPA’s Failed Attempt to find a Loophole in the Renewable Fuel Standard, 5 LSU J. ENERGY L. & RESOURCES 397-425 (2017).  View/Download

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Jones, James & Huebner, Do You Know Who Owns your Solar Energy? The Growing Practice of Separating Renewable Attributes from Renewable Energy Development and Its Impact on meeting our Climate Goals, 28 FORDHAM ENVTL. L. REV. 197-241 (2017).  View/Download

Note, Feeling the Noise: Proposed Standards and Alternatives to Wind Energy Nuisance Litigation, 28 FORDHAM ENVTL. L. REV. 242-275 (2017).  View/Download

(November 1, 2017)
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