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The National Agricultural Law Center
2650 N. Young Ave
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72704


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Key Contacts

Harrison M. Pittman
Center Director
(479) 575-7640
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Elizabeth Rumley
Senior Staff Attorney
(479) 387-2331
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Rusty Rumley
Senior Staff Attorney
(479) 575-2636
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Center Quarterly eNewsletter


For two decades it has been an integral part of the Center’s mission to make researching and understanding the myriad issues that face the agricultural and food law communities of this nation and the world as effortless as possible. The purpose of our eNewsletter is to inform our subscribers of new research and information posted on our website, apprise them of important events occurring within the agricultural and food law communities, keep them informed of agricultural and food law developments in the nation and the world, and to foster a dialogue between our subscribers and the Center on needed areas for research and information.  More information on the newsletter is available here.