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Connect with the NALC

As the nation’s leading source for agricultural and food law research and information, we strive to provide timely, important updates to the agricultural and food law communities. We have several ways of doing this, including The Feed, the NALC Quarterly Newsletter, and webinars.

The Feed is the NALC’s twice-monthly newsletter highlighting recent agriculture & policy developments. It features brief highlights of current issues with links to free NALC resources, as well as other relevant resources that are free to access. The Feed is written by NALC research attorneys but is designed for non-attorneys as well. Only one issue is released in December. Past issues of The Feed are available here.

To keep up with all things NALC, including conferences, recent publications, webinars, and other notable events from the past quarter, subscribe to the NALC Quarterly Newsletter. The Quarterly Newsletter is released in January, April, July, and October. You can view past newsletters here.

The NALC hosts webinars each month on relevant, important topics in agricultural and food law.  NALC webinars are free and presented by either a NALC attorney or guest presenter(s). We send two emails ahead of each webinar as a reminder to register. Each webinar is also recorded and uploaded to the specific webinar’s page after the event. A complete list of past and upcoming webinars is available here.

Thank you for staying connected with NALC! If you have any questions for us, please reach out. Our contact information is available here.