Native American Agricultural and Food Laws


These  materials were compiled with support from the USDA Office of Tribal Affairs and the USDA  Agricultural Research Service.

The  purpose of this project was to create a create a “reading room” on Native  American Agricultural and Food law and policy issues that provide users with a  resource that brought all of the existing resources currently available  together into one location. The reading room covers a variety of topics  such as leasing issues related to Native American land, government food  programs, enforcement of environmental rules and regulations on tribal lands,  historic and cultural preservation, and numerous other topics.

Besides the reading room, the grant also called for  the creation of a list of technical resource providers who are essentially the  contact points within each of the tribes that deal with issues that arise under  their purview. This guidance document is  broken down by tribe and contains a hyperlink to the materials and  organizations within the tribe that pertain to agricultural and food law topics.

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Individual Topics

Native American Law Reading Room

Compilation of Contact  Information for Technical Resource Providers for Native American Tribes