Managing Legal Risk  for Livestock and Dairy Producers




These materials were compiled in collaboration with the Ohio  State University Agricultural and Resource Law Program, and with support from  the North Central Risk Management Education Center.

The North Central Risk Management Education Center’s mission  is to empower the strengths and skills  of individuals in the North Central region who are involved in the management  of agricultural production, marketing, financial, legal, and human resource  risks. They did so by approving a grant  enabling the assembly of these materials and the presentation of several  workshops for Ohio producers.

The materials have  been divided into several topic areas, which include both an audio/powerpoint  presentation and written supplementary materials. You can review the relevant topic  areas individually.  For questions about  the materials presented, please contact Peggy Hall by phone at (614) 247-7898  or by email at, or  Elizabeth Rumley by phone at (479) 387-2331 or by email at

Individual Topics

Complete Workshop