Using Alternative Enterprises and  Recreational Development to Bolster Farm Incomes




These  materials were compiled in collaboration with the Mississippi State Natural  Resources Enterprises program and with support from the Southern Risk  Management Education Center. The  purpose of this workshop series was to educate landowners in the Southeastern United States about potential  alternative uses to their property along with the business and legal issues  that they should consider. This grant  features a six part webinar series covering a variety of topics.

The materials for the workshops has been provided  below. The materials include recorded  webinar sessions as well as the written supplementary materials that were  provided to each participant. For  questions about the materials presented, please contact Rusty Rumley by phone  at (479) 575-2636 or by email at

Individual Topics

Exploring Alternative Business Uses and Economic Value Associated with Wildlife and Fisheries

Evaluation of Existing Natural Resource Assets

Understanding Premises Liability

Using Business Organizations to Limit Risk

Using Wildlife Leasing as Your Profit Tool

Drafting the Alternative Enterprise Plan

Complete Workshop Materials