Case Law Index Local Food Systems

January 1, 2002 – March 1, 2011

This index provides a comprehensive though not necessarily exhaustive compilation of reported and unreported federal and state court decisions involving local food systems that were decided between the dates listed above. The cases are listed in reverse chronological order. The “Text” link goes to the freely available Google Scholar text of the opinion.  These listings are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for legal counsel.



Freeman v. Fischer, 563 F.Supp.2d 493 (D.N.J. 2008) (dormant commerce clause challenge to state liquor distribution law)  Text



Hill v. Courter III, 344 F.Supp.2d 484 (E.D. Va. 2004) (abstention of federal court)  Text



Siesta Vill. Mkt., LLC v. Perry, 530 F.Supp.2d 848 (N.D. Tex. 2008) (challenge to state scheme regulating distribution of out of state wine)  Text



Black Star Farms, LLC v. Oliver, 544 F.Supp.2d 913 (D. Ariz. 2008) (challenge to state scheme regulating distribution of out of state wine)  Text



Randleas v. Neece, No. 00-1424-JTM, 2002 WL 226401 (D. Kan. Feb. 8, 2002) (termination from farmer’s market cooperative)



Clasby v. McColm, No. B209008, 2010 WL 312523 (Cal. Ct. App. Jan. 28, 2010) (exclusion from operating in farmers’ market)  Text

Bronco Wine Co. v. Jolly, 129 Cal. App. 4th 988 (Cal. Ct. App., 2005) (geographic labeling, wine)   Text



Zanette v. Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals, 2006 WL 3316770 (Conn. Super. Ct. 2006) (farm stands and zoning)

Abrams v. Jones, 2005 WL 1331232 (Conn. Super. Ct. 2005) (product liability, apple cider)

Messina v. Fifty Acres, L.L.C., 2004 WL 945058 (Conn. Super. Ct. 2004) (farm stands and zoning)



Ga. Dep’t of Agric. v. Brown, 607 S.E.2d 259 (Ga. Ct. App. 2004) (revocation of license to sell at farmers’ market)  Text



Daily v. Columbus Bd. of Zoning Appeals, 909 N.E.2d 1038 (Ind. Ct. App. 2009) (denial of temporary use permit for a farmers’ market)  Text

Daily v. Columbus Bd. of Zoning Appeals, 904 N.E.2d 343 (Ind. Ct. App. 2009) (denial of temporary use permit for a farmers’ market)  Text

Westfield Cos. v. Knapp, 804 N.E.2d 1270 (Ind. Ct. App. 2004) (personal injury on-farm)  Text



Oyarzo v. Md. Dep’t of Health & Mental Hygiene, 978 A.2d 804 (Md. Ct. Spec. App. 2009) (ban on selling raw milk; farmer precluded from selling shares in herd for raw milk)  Text



Town of Uxbridge ex rel. Girouard v. Vecchione, 21 Mass.L.Rptr. 307, (Mass. Super. Ct. 2006) (farm stand and zoning, loam removal)

DiGiovanni v. Gulberg, 2005 WL 1593608 (Mass. Land Ct. 2005) (farm stand and zoning)



Salmon v. City of Cadillac, 2005 WL 3416119 (Mich. Ct. App. 2005) (exclusion from farmers’ market)

Village of Rothbury v. Double JJ Resort Ranch, Inc., 2004 WL 1837835 (Mich. Ct. App. 2004) (zoning and Right to Farm Act)



Minnesota v. Hartmann, 700 N.W.2d 449 (Minn. 2005) (inspection of custom-processed meat)   Text



Carter v. Concord Gen. Mut. Ins. Co., 924 A.2d 411 (N.H. 2007) (personal injury and hayrides)  Text



Schaal v. Unemployment Comp. Bd. of Review, 870 A.2d 952 (Pa. Cmmw. Ct. 2005) (agricultural labor and unemployment)  Text



Meyer v. Town of Milton, 268 Wis.2d 844 (Wis. Ct. App. 2003) (farm stand and zoning)