Wind Leasing:  Understanding and Limiting Legal Risk


These  materials were compiled in collaboration with Oklahoma State University  Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and with support from  the Southern Risk Management Education Center.

The  purpose of this workshop series was to educate landowners in Oklahoma and Arkansas about potential alternative uses  to their property dealing with the leasing of that property for the  construction of wind turbines. This  grant features workshops in both Oklahoma and Arkansas where landowners can  attend a workshop during the morning going over issues such as leasing, wind  farm development, and legal issues that they should also be aware of. The afternoon will be spent touring a local  wind farm where they are available.

The materials for the workshops has been provided  below. The materials include recorded workshop sessions as well as the written supplementary materials that were  provided to each participant. For  questions about the materials presented, please contact Rusty Rumley by phone  at (479) 575-2636 or by email at


Workshop Materials

Workshop Videos